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Hey I am not saying its 100% accurate, could have been a prototype, but hes pretty adamant it was ready to ship. ie. Not glued together with mecharno. Isn't the rift compatible with the One for movies etc anyway? Sure I read that somewhere, again I could be mistaken? And I am also sure I read a tech article that the way AR is actually designed (Holo lens) that AR can actually do VR via hologram anyway? Again I could be talking out me behind here, I do toke a lot.
I found this when I was looking for something else. Chernobyl VR Project

You explore Chernobyl and Pripyat, apparently looking for clues about your family's whereabouts. Farm 51 are hoping to release it in April to mark 30 years since the disaster.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Just read GameSpot's review, which is pretty positive on the whole. Has me wishing PSVR was out sooner and I could get stuck in.
Sounds pretty impressive going by that review. I am half tempted to get one at some point as sounds pretty cool and USD 600 not quite as expensive as I was expecting.
Here are my thoughts following a brief encounter with the Oculus Rift.
There's currently a summer deal in which you can grab the Rift and Touch controllers, along with seven free games, for £400 instead of the usual £600. I'm seriously considering it to hook up to my laptop (which boasts being VR ready, so it should be a simple setup) and in the hopes Xbox One X will eventually support it.

Part of me is screaming no, as I already have PS VR, but another part really wants to play the exclusives and knows there's potential to use it for both testing and reviewing...
they are apparently bringing out a wireless version next year so I would wait, especially with the Vive's new knuckle controllers as they seem far better than anything else. also don't expect Xbox one X support. would have been announced by now
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The wireless one is going to be lower spec, it's aiming to bridge the gap between mobile VR and PS VR/Oculus/Vive with a price around £200. Ditching the wires and paying half the price would be nice, but not sure a downgrade is what I'm after.
Synth Riders is coming to Oculus Quest later this month.

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