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The Division
Well the film was absolutely horrible so I can't see this desperate attempt to keep this franchise on life support working.
[Image: 526014e4e832797f.png]

Every time Rei smiles God kills a kitten.
There's a free weekend starting Thursday. If you reached the limits set in the free trial you can carry on as normal for a few days more.
New area and game modes coming to The Division this autumn courtesy of the Resistance update.

I recently managed the first mission on hard with a friend, it took us a long time but it was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to trying the horde mode included in this update.
A month of in-game activities is going on right now to celebrate reaching the 20 million player milestone and the game's second anniversary.
Massive and Ubisoft are working on The Division 2, according to a leaked press release.
Latest update adds Xbox One X enhancements.
Private beta takes place at the beginning of next month. Sign ups now open for the chance to take part.
The beta gives us our first look at end-game content.
An open beta begins 1 March.

Anyone giving it a go?
Thinking about it, but with Metro and Far Cry out tomorrow, and both getting rather decent reviews, it may not happen for me!

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