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What is the 'perfect' Pokemon game?
As one of the longest running franchises to consistently pump out successful content, I am curious as to what the 'perfect' Pokemon game would involve from fellow gamers/trainers.

Is it a VR Open World experience? A game with all the regions crammed in? What would it be? I'd love to know!

Jerrod S
Digital Infinite - YouTube Gaming
I always wanted to see a standard Pokemon adventure on home consoles. I remember getting Pokemon Stadium on N64 when I was younger and being a little disappointed that it wasn't just Red or Blue with better graphics. Still a fun game though.
I'd like a bigger version really, more 3D, keep the turn based combat and most of the mechanics generally the same but I'd like it to be less linear, with more meaningful side quests and exploration.
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I really loved the Nobunaga's ambition cross over Pokémon Conquest so a cross over with the Warriors franchise would be epic.
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