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Price details and release window for PSVR announced yesterday. Not owning a PS4 and with no immediate plans to get one, I'll just remain an interested spectator of PSVR for the time being, but it would be interesting to see what PS4 owners make of it. Do many people already have a PS Camera?
I'm seriously considering getting it. Already own a PS4 and a move controller, the camera can be picked up for £30, so that'd be £380 to be all set and ready to go. I'm fine with paying that TBH, it's all down to what games are available.
Sony up to their old tricks. £350 for PSVR, but you also need a move controller (or two) and the camera also. Makes it £450 if you are buying new. Considering you get free games with the rift, but no PSVR, its not exactly cheap.....

Removing stuff from the box and then Charing separately is disgusting practice, and they only do it for the "VR for £350" headline, which isnt exactly true! Its like PS1/Saturn all over again, or the Vita......the list is endless.

Im going with the Rift, not paying £450 for a sub-performing VR experience
Yeah I remember the last time VR was the future of gaming. So no.
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(03-16-2016, 04:04 PM)bongmaster00 Wrote: Sony up to their old tricks. £350 for PSVR, but you also need a move controller (or two) and the camera also. Makes it £450 if you are buying new.

They did say there would be a bundle including the VR headset, camera and move controller. There's no price just yet, but surely it'll be slightly cheaper than picking up the all three separately if you don't have them already, otherwise what would be the point of bundling them together? It can't be for convenience alone.
Just as with the Oculus, this is going to fail hard. Who's going to buy a peripheral that's more expensive than the console it's for? Games that support it are going to be few and far between, and performance, something that hasn't failed to disappoint this gen, is going to take a hit it doesn't need as well. There are too many risks being taken with this, something that Sony's precarious financial position can't afford.

I can also see people walking into things with the headset on and then suing Sony, remember the Wii remote wrist strap debacle? Then there's the whole motion sickness issue which neither Sony or Oculus have satisfactorily addressed.
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Even if I had a Playstation, I wouldn't be investing in this. I think this is the new 3D, which is also a waste of time. I think it'll bomb hard and get comments along the lines of Kinect.
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It seems that all VR will run at 60fps. Or else.
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James has been wondering if all the buzz is justified.

Meanwhile, I've taken a less cautious approach and dove headfirst into pre-ordering PSVR. I did get it for £315 instead of £350, though.
I'm really excited about VR but own neither a PS4 nor a high spec PC so the price point is far too much for me to even consider.
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