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That’s Control done. Found this got pretty tedious towards the end, actually. Lots of boring fetch quests that have you fast travelling about and backtracking through areas with a completely rubbish map for guidance. Conclusion of the story was fairly tired, technical performance is bad, plus the pacing is incredibly stop/start with the sheer volume of files to read, audio recordings to listen to and videos to watch.

On the positive end of things the overall premise and ambience is good, plus the gameplay is great despite a few annoying difficulty spikes.
Costume Quest 2 (XB1) added. Fairly easy completion for a very enjoyable game. Plot wasn't as good as the first though.
One Night Stand added. Quick little point and click for a fiver about waking up in a stranger’s house after a one night stand, then you make a series of decision that dictate which of many possible endings you get. Mostly true to life, with a few fun bits thrown in like getting caught trying her underwear on...
Is no-one going to touch this? The underwear thing is a bit weird after a one night stand. I mean, you do you, Sam. No hate here!

I did once have a girl ask if I wanted to meet her dad, which I suppose is fairly odd.
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(Yesterday, 03:46 PM)PTC Crisco Wrote: The underwear thing is a bit weird after a one night stand.

But acceptable on a second date?

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