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Playdead's follow up to Limbo - pretty good reviews so far. Believe is also an Xbox exclusive.
Will definitely be grabbing this as thought Limbo was fantastic. Except the spider - that was damned creepy!
I'll be starting on my review copy tomorrow - looking forward to it! Had it for about a week now, but they'd unfortunately ran out of early unlock codes and I've had to wait.
Cool. Have now pre downloaded but wont get a chance to play it until the weekend.
I just pulled a worm out of a pig's arse - 10/10!

On a serious note, it is bloody brilliant so far!
(06-29-2016, 03:25 PM)Slam Shot Sam Wrote: I just pulled a worm out of a pig's arse - 10/10!

Turns out it actually is a 10/10.
Sounds bloody good! How much is like Limbo? I never really gave that game a chance and feel I missed out.
It's very much like LIMBO, just improved on every front.
Looks almost exactly the same style off things as Limbo.

I seem to remember you saying you'd never give a 10/10 - that didn't last long Wink

Anyway, good as Limbo was it was at times a frustrating experience, you touch on it in your review but is it generally less eager to end your game due to one tiny mistake than Limbo was?
Happy to have been proven wrong! If SUPERHOT actually had less content, I'd have given that 10 as well (bonkers!).

Just like LIMBO, it'll put an end to you pretty quickly, but I like that. I played LIMBO so much I can complete it without dying, and did for that infamous achievement.
Played and completed now. Amazing atmosphere.
Leaves a number of questions as does the "secret" ending.

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