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Already started a little while ago
picked up Drowsees and zubats mostly.
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Got it yesterday. Been mostly catching Pidgeys but also have Caterpie, Zubat, Ratatta. Haven't actually gone anywhere with it yet, will try that today.
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The boss and I gave it a go at lunch today, we saw Pidgey mainly with the odd Caterpie.

After the better part of an hour, we decided it wasn't for us. Ignoring the fact that I own a Windows phone, given the choice I'd rather just play one of the main titles.
People finding dead bodies, getting mugged and wandering into dangerous places have all turned me off Pokémon Go. And actually going outside? Fuck that noise. Big Grin
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Going outside is a drawback, but bumping into people and actually having conversations is strangely refreshing - for some reason.

Also I was a gym leader today, but not for long.
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I've heard that it chews through your battery and I no longer have unlimited data, so I just took my son to the park to throw tennis balls at pigeons (that may, or may not, be a joke).

I might download it just to see what pops up around my house.
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My sister lives on a canal boat, and gets tonnes of Magikarp (I live in town and I'd found three up til now...). I've made it my mission to actually get 400 Magikarp candy to evolve it. She's never seen me so often...
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Loads of Magikarp around my area too, I've see a lot of Gyarados dominating gyms nearby.
CEX have shamelessly jacked up the price of DS Pokémon games. £68 for SoulSilver without a Pokéwalker when I bought mine for £30 a year ago? Scumbags.
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17

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