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You lost the plot? I couldn't even find one.

I'm just missing out on a couple of the Hoenn legends for my shiny charm on X.
To be finding the plot can literally be an issue, at least in Sapphire as they don't bother giving you a journal if you turn off without meeting your objective when you come back there's no reminders as to where to go lol
I call all of the enemies Team Dumbass in my head, so their exploits tend to blend into one.

Oh yeah, I'll just leave this here:
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17
I fancy trying to get a high level Pichu for no reason, as I cant be bothered to walk 5000+ steps to get an egg and the hatch it anyone want to trade me one? xD

Also got a Virizion (and probably a few others when I bother to catch them) to trade for a X/Y legendary if anyone wants

Oh also Game are currently giving out codes for the mythical pokemon Darkrai
I've got four of those Darkrai. Cool

You can hatch eggs twice as fast by having a pokémon in your party with either Flame Body or Magma Armor as its ability. Then there's also the Hatching O-Power which when stacked with the aforementioned abilities, gives a 4x boost at Level 3. Sadly Hatching O-Power is the last one you get, so it might take a while to level that up. Slugma/Magcargo is the best choice for boosting hatch rate, because it can have either of the required abilities in the wild. Camerupt can have Magma Armor and is relatively common.

Oh, and you do know Pichu is completely useless no matter how high a level it is, right? Wink Jolteon is a much better Electric type, mine's called Sparky Spark (you probably won't get the reference, but it refers to Mark Wahlberg's pre-acting rap persona).

I'm currently busy trying to get Moltres to stop pissing off whenever I encounter it in X.

EDIT: And I've finally got the bugger!

EDIT 2: Maybe I was being a little harsh about Pichu, I can breed you one with Volt Tackle if you want. You'll have to level it up yourself, though.
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17
Oh I'm sure that Pichu is rubbish, but there's something quite appealing about using him in the League lol

Basically I'm lacking a main fire and electric type. I have main trilogy of Sceptile (with rock, dragon move), Kyogre (water and ice) and Gardervoir (phsyic, fairy) with a few legendaries I swap out. But even then I'm missing a main fire and electric type.
I once caught Mesprit with a premier ball.
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Man Entie was a bitch to catch. Got him with a premium ball in the end, after using up all of my poke, great and ultras -_-
Zygarde has been my best catch, just last night. Sent out my Charizard against him and almost immediately knocked him out the first time (he used Camouflage to become Rock type on the turn I used Earthquake), so I reset. Second time I threw a Quick Ball on the first turn and caught him, it took me five minutes to stop laughing.
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17
Finally bothered to hatch a Pichu, got her to level 11 in one battle lol.

Figure I'll take her through the League now.

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