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I quite fancy a Kingdra as I'm aiming to replace most of the legendaries in my team s I'm not one of 'those' guys - anyone fancy trading me a seadra so's I can get it?
Games are distibuting Shiney Charizard

Makes sense to me. Tongue
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Every time Rei smiles God kills a kitten.
Finished the Delta Episode yesterday, and what a disappointment that was. Running here there and everywhere listening to people spew a load of old twaddle, and when I get to Rayquaza I catch it immediately in a Quick Ball. Never mind, I hear Deoxys is a bitch to catch and sure enough the Quick Ball doesn't even shake. So I send out my Pokemon-catcher Smeargle and put it to sleep, False Swipe it down to one HP, throw a Dusk Ball and... caught. I had way more trouble with the Mirage Spot legendaries, and I've still got two frigging Master Balls because I was saving them for the Delta Episode. At least I've still got the Eon Ticket Latias, Heatran, Cresselia and the four Regis left to get.
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Well lucky you lol, Rayquasa took fricking ages for me to catch. Though agree the episode could have been done better, we don't need to go back to the space centre after every fight.

Caught Cresselia the other day, was waiting ages for that island to spawn.
My Smeargle is great for catching difficult legendaries; its moveset is Spore, Soak, Taunt and False Swipe. I usually give it a Smoke Ball to guarantee escape, because I almost got trapped forever when I encountered a Wobbuffet in Glittering Cave one time.

Why those moves?

Spore is a 100% accurate sleep move, the Sleep status effect raises your catch chance higher than Paralysis or Burn.
Soak turns the opponent into a pure Water type, useful against Grass types (which are immune to Spore) and Ghost types (which are immune to False Swipe).
Taunt is useful against Pokemon with Rest/Recover/Roost/Teleport etc., because it forces them to only use attacking moves.
False Swipe is the classic tool of the Pokemon catcher, because it's impossible to knock the opponent out.

I keep meaning to make another Smeargle with the same moves except Gastro Acid instead of Taunt, for Pokemon whose ability makes them immune to Spore, like Vital Spirit and Insomnia.

Knowing which ball is most effective helps too, a Quick Ball on the first turn is 5x, then Dusk Balls at night/in caves are 4x, Timer Balls after 11 turns are 4x, then Ultra Balls at 2x. I usually carry 30+ of all four of those. I tend not to bother with Dive/Nest/Net/Repeat Balls, because they're too specific and not really worth the 1000 pokédollars each.
GameFAQs users are 80% trolls and 19% stupid. - hyjinx17
I got Omega Ruby for my Birthday!
My team so far is looking like:


Just caught a shiny wurmple!
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Nice one Max. Damn you for getting a shiney already, I've played for 100+ hours and not one yet...

We should try and get some 4 player battles going.
Surskit, such an interesting type - Bug/Water - but what does it evolve into? Yet another Bug/Flying! And not a particularly good one at that. Otherwise your team's pretty good Max. I love the Ralts line, I used a Gardevoir in X and a Gallade in Omega Ruby. Alakazam is still my favourite Psychic type, though.

I picked Mudkip as my starter and then used Pokémon Bank to send over a Torchic I bred from the XY event. Take that May, you counter-picking cow! Big Grin

I haven't found a shiny in Omega Ruby yet, but I got about half a dozen in X. The Friend Safari has a ridiculously high chance of finding them, I got two pretty close together - an Espurr and a Mienfoo. I bred a shiny Pichu after Rodent was talking about them and didn't notice for a week because it hardly looked any different. I also bred a shiny Eevee, but was really disappointed when its stat spread made it best suited to be a Leafeon that also doesn't look much different when it's shiny. Sad
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My friend code is 0061-3082-3356 if you want to add me. I'll probably put it in my sig later.

Okay I will drop surskit. Now am thinking about who could fill my Water spot. Though it seems tht both Aggron and Hariyama can learn surf, both of which I have used in the past... Also tempted to go the Flygon route. I also quite like Crawdaunt, who could take some HM.
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