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Got Alpha Sapphire, now begins my epic quest to defeat everything with Feebas (A friend challenged me to do so, and do so I will - then to beat her pokemon with it lol)
Get Gallade.
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Well now that I've played the special edition demo and have a Pokemon to transfer into the game I might get one of these. I got Sapphire last time, might go Ruby now.
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Alpha Sapphire is the one The Boy wants for his birthday in a couple of weeks. Nintendo have a pretty good deal on for a transparent blue 2DS, and a protective case with the game for £114, so got him that.

I know next to nothing about Pokemon, however. But we do have a collector coming round to look at the extensive collection of cards eviltb has stored away.
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Play the card with me, I've got some Wink

And if any of you do fancy a battle lemme know
Mine are nicely stored away in folders so there are pretty pristine, got some Japanese special folders too XD
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So, despite the fact this is my second time playing it I've done exactly the same time I did first time round, I have my one starter pokemon who's massively overlevel and one hitting most things, problem is if he goes down my rest are negelected and proceed to get their arses handed to them. As a few multiplayer matches have shown.

Though, there's a exp sharer thing you get now, which passively gives all your team xp at the end of a battle, it certainly makes the grind a little easier, but I would imaine annoys purists (can be turned off)
Had 3 matches with Dan earlier, coincidently had 3 crushing defeats tonight as well...
I got obsessed with breeding (for competitive stats and shinies) and getting Hidden Ability pokémon and ended up abandoning the story progression ages ago to do it and now I've lost the plot. I've been making an effort recently to get the story nonsense out of the way, so I have access to the stats judges, Friend Safari (I'll be asking for friend codes later for that if anyone's still playing X/Y) and eventually the Shiny Charm (God bless Pokémon Bank/Poké Transporter for that one).
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