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The Last Morsel DLC is now available to download digitally.
I want to give this game a go but the 1G achievement for starting it and then only fixing it by getting 3 stars on all levels is not something I would imagine I can get and puts me off the game, I just would get annoyed not being a multiple of 5 of the Gamerscore. game does look good though
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Overcooked: Special Edition is coming to the Switch this week.
Surf 'n' Turf DLC out now for Overcooked! 2.
Overcooked! 2 Gourmet Edition includes all previously released DLC, and is out now on consoles.
Some DLC for Overcooked 2 is currently free as a Game Pass Ultimate Perk. It’s nice to finally benefit from those, as they’re usually cosmetics or currency for free-to-play games I don’t play.

Anyway, it’s short and sweet - took a little under two hours to finish and grab all of the achievements.
The latest seasonal update adds five new kitchens and the mooncake recipe.
Birthday Update celebrates the series' fifth anniversary by adding new content.

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