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Ghost Recon Wildlands
Today's update adds a new PvP mode and loot boxes. Sorry, "Battle Crates."
Year 2 content kicks off next week. Still slowly working my way through this.
Splinter Cell themed event is now live. Hopefully it's a bit better than the Predator inspired mission.
Special Operation 3 launches next week and brings new missions, maps and classes.
Special Operation 3 update out today, adds Ghost Recon Future Soldier themed mission and content.
Special Operations 4 is out now.

I've been thinking about re-downloading this as I didn't really give it a fair crack.
Ghost Recon Breakpoint just been announced. Fight fir survival, confront former teammates... Was not massive fan of Wildlands so definitely wait to see the reviews on this one.
Jam was at the reveal event in London last night (I couldn’t make it down), so we’ll have some coverage on Breakpoint very soon.
Here's those Ghost Recon Breakpoint deets.

I'm intrigued. Hopefully I'll get a crack at the beta in some months.
I thoroughly enjoyed Wildlands (game of the generation contender for me) so I'm very interested in Breakpoint.

It sounds very promising so far but I expect the injury/healing animations will take a hit before release, there's no way they can look that cinematic in real time.

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