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Xbox One X
That sucks. Who was your order with?

I have two valid pre-orders (one with Game, one with Amazon) and I'm planning to cancel one closer to the time, but if you're really desperate for one and are willing to send me the money via PayPal closer to launch and your address I can have it sent to you instead? If not, standard editions should be readily available, so you'll at least still be able to get your hands on an X of some description.
Had mine pre-ordered on Amazon, I suppose they just had one to many.

I'll just grab the regular edition the moment they're available. I'm not too desperate for the SE, just a bit of an annoyance more than anything. I can't imagine I'll be missing out on anything anyway.
Pre-orders are open now for the non-Scorpio Xbox One X.

EDIT: And are only selling them in bundles starting at £487.99. Glad my first instinct was to go with Amazon. I don't see GAME lasting long past the New Year at this rate, especially if they're pulling this bullshit in-store.
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Project Scorpio Edition is back up for pre-order on Amazon. Limited stock as it's made up of cancelled pre-orders (one of those being mine as I've gone with GAME).
Anyone else getting an X just for Just Cause 3 and to see the witcher 3? Just want the frame rate to be fine in them ha.
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I have yet to start The Witcher 3 so I'll be giving that a go on the X in a couple of weeks time. I don't have Just Cause 3 as I've not really fancied that.
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I own and have never played either, though they still aren't high on my list of priorities. Not sure I'll load up anything specific when I get the X to be honest, I'll probably just keep playing whatever I was playing prior to transitioning over, then move to whatever's next for review, same as I did with PS4 Pro.
Just cause 3 runs like a dog on the one so hopefully the X will stable the frame rate.

Im going to play shadow of mordor or wolfenstein first.
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
good reminder about Just Cause 3. though I seem to remember the Pro not making much difference on the PlayStation side. I've been saving the final DLC for the Witcher so looking forward to playing that as well.
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I'm looking forward to trying the GoW 4 campaign in 60fps, and am I right in thinking Skyrim will also be 60fps? That would be very cool to see.

Is it obvious I don't own a 4K TV?

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