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Xbox One X
Is anyone else baffled by Tetris, not just the new(?) game but the concept of Tetris itself? It's just tidying up, but digital. I know not how, nor why, it is a thing.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Tetris def not my bag. Bad for the OCD.
I don’t mind if the visuals aren’t a huge leap forward if AI is vastly improved, open-worlds are larger, and loading screens done away with. A boy can dream!
I really hope that open worlds will be smaller, to be honest. They need to be more dense if anything.
Ride 4 coming to next-gen consoles as a free upgrade for current-gen owners.

Speaking of next-gen, the size and low price point of the Series S has me seriously considering one over a Series X.
£250 is a genuinely nice surprise! I do prefer having a disc-drive but the S is seriously tempting.

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