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Crackdown 3
I think I saw somewhere that they are still planning a multiplayer beta still before launch so if there is its a chance to give that part of it a go.
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Yet another delay. Now Spring 2018. Suspect this is quickly becoming vapourware!
It's no secret that I didn't really like the original two, so I'm glad they're taking the time to hopefully make this one better.
Liked the first at the time but it has dated poorly. Second one was terrible!
Agreed it is certainly better to wait six months rather than get another broken game.
Apparently now delayed until 2019. Assume we will hear more on Sunday at Microsoft’s conference.
I heard rumblings of a delay last week; I’m still not massively interested in the game, but it’s getting beyond a joke for those that are. My guess would be that the cloud-based destruction is what’s giving ‘em issues.
Definitely. This is turning out to be Microsoft's Duke Nukem with all these delays.

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