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Crackdown 3
It's been confirmed again that the massive destruction in Crackdown 3 is only for multiplayer.

Anyone pre-ordered or thinking about it?
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not pre orderd but probably will. campaign wise looks similar in style to Sunset Overdrive which I really liked so more of that is always good to me
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I rarely pre-order games but I'm giving this some serious thought.
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No pause button for single player and the game can't handle destruction unless it's online?

Smells like bullshit to me.
Sounds like single player more of an afterthought. Considering how rubbish the SP was in Crackdown 2 I think I'll wait for reviews on this one. Very happy to be proven wrong!
Id like the original crackdown to be made bc as i never got to give it a go Sad
...and if you tell that to the kids of today, they wont believe you!
I didn't like the original and skipped the sequel. Not exactly excited about this one, but keeping an open mind, especially as it's an X launch game and I'll undoubtedly be looking for stuff to play on it.
I don't think I'll be pre ordering but I am interested. I think I'll also see how the reviews stack up though.
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Quite liked the original Crackdown - collecting the orbs was a bit addictive! That said, it is quite a few years old now and I suspect that time has not been kind. The second one was pretty shoddy as I believe it had a pretty unrealistic timetable for release. Third time is the charm... maybe.
I played the demo of the second one and it wasn't too good. Loved the original though. I played it again, briefly, when it was free with GwG and it felt very dated.
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