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Reviews out and seem to be saying what I expected, i.e. Looks and sounds amazing but is pretty darned challenging.
I still totally do plan to pick this up but may be a little while yet as still have a backlog and there is the usual pre-Xmas glut on the horizon.
This has looked good to me and I will pick it up but not for a while as I have far too many games already.
[Image: crippy%20d.jpg]
The price point put me off slightly, just a little too expensive for an impulse buy. I'll get it in the end of year sale for 20% off or so, along with ReCore.

I also have a disdain for hyper-difficult platform games thanks to the likes of Braid and Super Meat Boy. I really liked Shovel Knight, though.
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I've been looking forward to getting my hands on Cuphead for quite sometime.

Only really played a little so far, but my first thoughts are graphically, it just looks fantastic, a pure treat for the eyes. The gameplay in the other mug, I'm not quite so sold on. Coupled with it's inherent difficulty and my lack of patience for platformers of it's kind, means that I may never finish it. Still, I really do think that it's brilliant.
Have just bought this although with Dragons Dogma out tomorrow and then the Xmas rush, not sure when will get a chance to play.
That said, the developers obviously put in a huge amount of care and effort so I am totally happy in paying full price for it. Does look pretty challenging!

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