Monster Hunter World
Anybody else getting this? I haven't played a Monster Hunter game before but it sounds fun enough. Releases 26th Jan so not too long.
I’m hoping to try the final PS4 open beta after having missed the first two. It’s definitely under some serious consideration, despite also having never played a Monster Hunter game.
Got the Xbox One version on pre-order, very much excited. Disappointed the beta is PS4 exclusive though.

Sadly none of the usual suspects are grabbing it.
Just watched a video on Eurogamer about this - by ex-OXM Aoife - and have to say it’s looking pretty cool. Big beasts Dragons Dogma style and can be played single player or blends seamlessly into multi-player. Something different at any rate.
Got 90 mins in with the beta today and enjoyed it for the most part. They’ve done a lot to make it quite accommodating, so no need to worry about the infamous barrier to entry, though it did take a while to get my head around the strange control scheme.

Did three solo hunts, two successful and one failed due to the timer expiring. The timed element was far more of a threat than death, as dodging is fairly easy with the right weapon. Finding that weapon is absolutely crucial. I hated moving at a crawl, not being able to dodge roll and performing sluggish swings with heavy weapons, so pretty quickly moved to a light elemental sword.

I went online for my fourth and final hunt, in addition to switching to a ranged weapon, which is when the game really clicked and I decided to stop playing and pick the full game up. It plays just as well as a dedicated third-person shooter, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I might just play the entire thing ranged considering how much more I enjoyed using a bow than any of the three melee weapons I tried. Coordinating with teammates was cool, as was the random emergence of a monster that started fighting with our target and made for both a great spectacle and diversion.

Criticisms would be that the characters are crap and there’s little to no narrative (though I don’t really think that’s a focus), plus it doesn’t live up to the World subtitle in many ways - it looks decent and is densely populated, but it’s relatively linear and there’s nothing to do, you just wander from point to point.
Out of curiosity who else is getting this? It wasn't really on my radar but after watching a couple of gameplay videos and seeing Sam's thoughts on it I'm tempted.
Plas and myself are definites. For reference, the online mission I played was with two partners, so that number works just fine if you and nobody else were to jump in.
I'm going to give this a go, I think. I tried a few times to get into Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U, but the terrible controls on 3DS and my general dislike of the Wii U got in the way.
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Happy to see lots of positive reviews for this!
Slight spoilers ahead.

Customisable cat companions! Big Grin That game of the year right there.

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