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Atomic Heart
May release this year or 2019, but having read a few articles on it the last week and a bizarre but brilliant trailer, this is looking really good! Set in the “high noon” of the USSR, whatever that means, it does look inventive.
Definitely on my watchlist, as is the tie-in VR game launching beforehand.
Ten minute footage on Youtube now. This had slipped off my radar but us definitely back! Bioshock on hallucinogenics, which sounds all kinds of good to me.
Do you have a link? Haven’t seen any extended gameplay yet.
Sorry, no. But put Mundfish into Youtube and a ten min segment is there with todays date.
Weird. I want it!
I’d already had a look on their channel before posting and it wasn’t there. IGN posted it not long after, so I’ve added that to my growing Watch Later list.

For anyone interested:

Weird - was under my Recommended videos, and seems to be on Mundfish page now. The joys of technology.
Def loks bat$hit insane, which hopefully keeps this promise whenever it launches.

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