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The Football Thread
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Sweet, I'm in.
I'm not particularly pleased with my team's performance so far. I was hoping Chelsea and Everton would perform better than they did.
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I'm tempted to join and try to put together the worst team I can
Lol at the guy who got a yellow card within 16 seconds of his Premiership debut.

Also, the West Ham goals were hilarious, Arsenal should be ashamed xD
I got a season ticket for the Wolves first game tomorrow, so looking forward to it.
So I went to see WWE last night and Wayne Rooney gives the lamest slaps ever, haha. Also spotted Ryan Giggs and Darren Fletcher.
(10-05-2015, 03:10 PM)Chameleon Wrote: <puts Countdown theme on in background>
I think I'll take one from the North-East, one from West Midlands, and.... one of the promoted teams please, Rachel.

If I had to be specific, I'd probably go with Sunderland (Sorry, Crisco), Villa and Norwich, but I can see them all making up the bottom seven.
^^From another thread, but figured it was better in this one.

Well I was close, but happy for our Sunderland fans that I was not quite right Wink
Well done to Sunderland for just about managing to keep 17th place for four successive seasons!! Big Grin
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I'm suprised we managed it this year. Usually I'd have been checking the score on Twitter every five minutes but I didn't bother last night, I was certain we'd get beat and need a win in our last game.
Pro Evolution Soccer is no more! It's now eFootball and it's free-to-play.

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