Apex Legends
Got a triple grenade kill earlier, facing an opposing squad when my teammates were both down.

Then went on to win that same match solo, after reviving them both before they died again...
Nice finish, I need to try the other characters, I've only used Wraith so far. I always like the see-through-walls perk so I might go for that guy soon.

Also, the game's surpassed the 10 million players milestone in just three days.

I wonder if Treyarch and Activision are still thinking of releasing Blackout as a free to play mode.
Gave this a try squadded up with Dan and Plas, and eeeh I dunno didn't really gel with me. Like it's fine, I can't point out technical flaws, and it's literally a straight mash basically of Fortnite and Overwatch lol which is guaranteed success. It looks nice, though playing Titanfall 2 directly after the gun's feel a little... sterile.

The problem we found is that health seems very inconsistent, take two examples: I put multiple shots of three round burst directly into someones face, yet that only did 59 damage and they somehow managed to take me and Plas down within seconds. Then a later moment I put essentially an entire heavy MG clip into someone point blank, and yet all that did was down and not kill them, then an enemy opens up from behind and again I'm dead in seconds.

Now I know that full armour sets, gun rarity etc all play a part - but it's not a good start to a game when your first four games all leave you feeling cheated Tongue
Just won my first match back after not playing for two weeks; nice to know the balance patches haven’t upset things too much!

Should hit level 50 for the final achievement tonight, then fingers crossed they add more alongside the Battle Pass content.
I got my first win the other day, didn't do much save for reviving one team mate who did do something when it was down to the last two teams.

I also had a good solo run where I could've won had I not panicked with my grenade throwing again. They were hiding in a little room and somehow I still messed it up.

Good fun though.

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