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Apex Legends
Officially announced by Respawn, a free-to-play Battle Royale game set within the Titanfall universe. Available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.
Not one for the Battle Royale trend, but this actually looks pretty sweet. Got it downloading now.
Well, just got the final kill of the game to win the very first match I played. I think that’s pretty much got me hooked!
I came fourth on my first attempt, would probably have done better but I killed myself with a bad grenade(s) throw(s). Good fun though, looking forward to trying more.
We'll have to squad up sometime. I managed to win a second match (not consecutively), then placed poorly in plenty more.
Got a very panicky 3 vs 1 victory earlier:

Very impressive!

I think this will be much better playing with people you know - my last match saw my team (randoms) run off without me while I was looting a building. I tried to catch up but got jumped by another team en route. I didn't stand a chance!
Yeah, that happens. Just make sure to watch your teammates and follow them if they’re prone to running off without communicating it. On that note though, more often than not that shouldn’t be the case - the in-game comms are some of the most efficient I’ve seen and people do tend to use ‘em as a result.
I've downloaded but not played it yet. You chaps fancy getting together at some point?
Aye, can do. Feel free to message if you see me on.

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