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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Out tomorrow, but annoyingly Amazon has told me will be a 3-4 day delay. Seeing a lot of 9s for review scores
Getting and hoping to start playing it today. Oddly, I’m actually more excited for Outward on Tuesday. It’s a hardcore survival RPG from a team of ten, published by Deep Silver, which hasn’t received much attention but quite fondly reminds me of last generation games like Kingdoms of Amalur, Fable and Dark Souls.

I say it’s odd, but I can pin it down to a couple of things: its higher fantasy setting and the fact it could be a diamond in the rough, as opposed to the sure bet that is Sekiro.

Was told they’d be in touch about an Outward review copy, so keep ‘em peeled for more on that.
I saw that advertised - def hardcore. Putting down backpack to fight sounds interesting. Have preordered as like to support smaller studios.
I was watching the Outward overview trailer and thinking the whole eat/drink/rest thing reminds me of Kingdom Come Deliverance, headed over to the developer's (Outward) twitter only to see the KCD dev's had been promoting it.
It’s also very KDC in that you don’t play the hero, just a regular pleb.
(03-23-2019, 01:59 PM)Slam Shot Sam Wrote: It’s also very KDC in that you don’t play the hero, just a regular pleb.

That's an aspect that really appealed, I quite like playing the underdog. If I hadn't just sunk about 50+ hours into KCD I could be tempted by this, but I'll keep my eye on it for now.
Yeah, they might be a bit similar to play back-to-back.

On the topic of Sekiro, I’ve sunk a good few hours into it now and it’s awesome! Possibly the best part about Dark Souls is the intricate level design, and that’s definitely accounted for here, only even more complex with it being broader on both the X and Y axes to accommodate the added mobility.

Haven’t found it massively difficult so far, so not sure where the claims it’s the hardest game yet come from. That said, I did fall victim to the pitfall of heading in the ‘wrong’ direction and getting destroyed by a boss for an hour straight, then looked it up and I definitely shouldn’t be there right now.

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