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Final dev diary looks at co-op gameplay.

This is out today, for anyone interested. Sam should be getting a review copy so keep an eye out for that.
Had confirmation that there’s a physical review copy gone out in the post today, so I’ll be switching over from Sekiro when it arrives. No outlet has the console version yet from what I gather, and PC codes only went out earlier today, which is why there isn’t really any coverage doing the rounds. Easy to jump to conclusions based on that, but I don’t think it’s cause for concern.
Have to confess, already preordered it and hopefully get in post today or tomorow.
Only played this very briefly but hoping to get onto it properly this weekend. Reviews have been positive, and I see Sam seems to have been enjoying it.
I’ve completed it now and very much enjoyed it. Can see myself going back for another play through or two in the future, using a totally different character build and following another main questline.
Any tips chaps? Having a difficult time getting started. Big Grin
Rather than raising money to pay your debt at the start, head below the lighthouse, then through the door at the end of the pier into the storage area. Continue through that and you’ll come out on a beach, continue along the shoreline to find someone in need of help, give them a bandage/health potion and you’ll get a tribal favour to pay it off with instead. Circle back around to re-enter Cierzo and hand it in at the town hall on top of the hill.

Pick up and sell everything, then buy a bigger backpack so you can carry more stuff to sell.

Drop your backpack before engaging in combat.

Use a one-handed axe, as the heavy attack is an automatic three-hit combo. It also frees up your second hand for a shield, which will negate all damage on a block, so turtle until you better get to grips with combat.

Purchase the health upgrade from the trainer in Cierzo as early as possible, it’s only 50 silver and a significant boost.

Sleep a lot to replenish your max health and stamina.

Max stamina reduces in proportion to its use, not how long you’ve been awake, so if you jog instead of sprinting it’ll stay full for when you most need it during combat.

Let me know if there’s anything more specific you’re wanting to know. Smile
Unfortunately have found this to be unplayable. For some reason, whenever my character moves, or I turn the camera, all the screen goes blank. Throw in ugly textures etc and will give this a pass for now. Hopefully will sort itsef if I try with a new character but certainy not in any rush to revisit this one.
"Hard hitting" DLC is coming to Outward this spring.
I ended up buying a copy of this the other day as it was only £20. Looking forward to giving it a try.

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