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What are you playing?
Code Vein is that? I though about giving it a go because Dark Souls, but didn’t in the end because anime.
Beyond the character models it's not really anime, there's no bright colourful jrpg type levels or jpop soundtracks lol, though a few oddly busty enemies (although I recall DS has some of them too).

As someone who was terrible at DS and ragequit at the gargoyles, I'm quite enjoying it, even with the odd bit that I get completely stuck on (got someone to carry me through that boss fight I mentioned lol, and the two after that - same lame DS syle coop though of either die and you have to reconnect), the addition of an AI helper is likely a big factor in that. But don't worry if you want it harder you can turn them off Tongue
Am only a few bosses in, but enjoying it enough. Not as difficult or tactical as DS, and am currently in a place with more than a hint of Anor Lando, but 50% off in the sale a few weeks ago, and certainly do not feel cheated.
Quite happy there are very few games out soon, Darksiders and Doom aside, as the backlog is still ridiculous!
Trying and failing to get into Stellaris, seems quite complicated compared to other RTS games I've played.

Other than that, I'm struggling to decide what to play after the fantastic Horizon: Zero Dawn.
I find Stellaris really addictive, like there's just something nice about sitting there watching your resources and research go up as you explore the galaxy.

However it's also ridiculously disheartening when the match you've spent hours/days in is just ended when a vastly superior ai empire suddenly decides it wants to wipe you out (as to earn cheevos you have to be in hardcore mode).

Could always try a multiplayer match sometime Plas? I dont know how they work given the real time loooong matches element of the game.
Having a go at Journey to the Savage Planet at the moment and it isn't too bad. Code Vein was ripping off Dark Souls a little too much, so a change needed! Should have Bayonetta/Vanquish arriving soon, as well as latest Darksiders.
May get to play them in the next month!
I’m clearing some backlog with nothing much of note coming out. Targeted a couple of games with sequels coming next month.

Finally played Ori and the Blind Forest (Definitive Ed.) and enjoyed it. Was a little less impactful than I imagined from what I’d heard about it, though there’s probably a connection there; it never is when you know half of what’s coming.

I also got started on Nioh, having originally been put off by the demo a few years back. Only played a couple of hours, though I’m actually loving it so far! Doesn’t seem all that surprising since I sing the praises of all FromSoftware games, though I really didn’t enjoy what I played way back when.

Think that’s down to a couple of things. The demo started with a boring tutorial, then plopped you in after the game’s opening. Former is never good, latter it’s hard to get right. I used to love that the XBLA trials just let you play the opening of each game - how it’s designed to be - instead of plonking you somewhere later with a lot to take in. When it’s a demo and my progress isn’t being saved, I’m just not willing to put in the time and effort to wade through it all. It isn’t the first time that playing a badly executed demo/beta/alpha has put me off a game I eventually ended up enjoying, which is part of the reason why I now rarely play them.

The other thing is, and I think this is smarter than the game probably ever got credit for, that it opens in London before transitioning to Japan. I’m not enamoured with Japanese language stuff or a lot of the visuals that go with yōkai and the feudal period, though shifting into and contextualising it helps an uncultured Westerner like me to accept it.

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