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Star Wars
Star Wars Squadrons is getting B-wings, TIE defenders, custom matches and more in two free updates.

Looking forward to trying both the new ships, particularly the B-wing as I've not really played much of the bomber class.

This game is currently going for £20(!) at Tesco if anyone is interested. Absolute bargain for that price, very good game.
£21 digital as well if anyone prefers. Might’ve been tempted it if had next-gen upgrades.
Ubisoft and Lucasfilm are making a new Star Wars game. 

Open world and made by the people behind The Division games.
Oh boy another generic Ubisoft open world game but with a star wars skin slapped on.
I was quite pleased with the announcement. Ubisoft open world games can be pretty decent when they click, and I enjoyed the bits I played of The Division and its sequel.
Sure they can work but it is basically true that, R6 Siege excepting, since Far Cry 3 the majority of the games they've released have been the same game but with a different skin.

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