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Star Wars
Caught the trailer for the new Star Wars game, Jedi: The Fallen Order.
Quite easy to get an idea of what it's about, looks like life as a fugitive Jedi and beginnings of the rebellion.
Am vaguely interested, as it is meant to be a single player only story. Also actually more interested in this than episode IX currently. November release.
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Some more info, for those interested.

I'm already hella excited. I know it's EA but it's also Respawn and I have faith in them.
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Have to say, very interested in this one!
I don’t really have any interest in Star War, but I’ll probably play it as a fan of Respawn and for the fact it looks like it could be a good game in its own right.
I suppose lightsabers and the force are just fancy weapon skins and magic really. I doubt you'll miss out on much, lore-wise, aside from maybe a few cameos/easter eggs.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Only played the introduction so far, but seems pretty good. Also reviews seem pretty positive.
I haven’t had chance to play this or Pokémon yet, been busy with Terminator: Resistance for review first.
Star Wars: Squadrons officially unveiled, will have cross-play VR support for PC and PS VR.

Very excited about this, I've been waiting for a big Star Wars starfighter game to come to consoles for ages. I like the sound of the campaign's double protagonist system, and that it's first-person only.
Thought you’d be happy about this one, having wanted a new Rogue Squadron for ages.

It’s a budget game ($40 in the US, not sure about the UK), so likely quite small in scope to counteract the risky development. Makes me more likely to bite - I did enjoy the basic air battles in the original Battlefront reboot, at least.
I don't mind that it's probably not going to a huge 20 hour campaign as the multiplayer element will give it legs. I expect they're testing the waters to see if there is an audience for this type of Star Wars game, which I definitely think there is.

Either way very happy and seriously tempted to try and get hold of a PS4 so I can bust out my unopened PS VR headset and play it that way, although I might wait with the PS5 so close.

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