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A Plague Tale: Innocence
Looks like this has now been sent out to me by Game. Sounds quite interesting - grisly, but interesting! - so hoping not another disappointment. No finished reviews yet that I can see but previews, including Sam, have all seemed positive...
I've had the finished game for a while and completed it this morning; looking to write up the review tomorrow before the embargo lifts 00:01 on Tuesday (which explains why you haven't seen any reviews).

For anyone interested, next week's giveaway prize will be A Plague Tale on Xbox.
Here's that review.

(And the giveaway.)
Phew! Sounds good (always worried with embargoes) and is currently installing. Although Rage 2 also looks good if repetitive.
Only got Rage 2 through from Bethesda today, so the review for that one should be coming next week. Certainly looks like good fun from what I’ve seen!
Started this now - looks absolutely lovely. Goes real south , real quick though... Hopefully finish it this weekend.
Just to clarify, you're referring to the story events and not the game in general there, yeah?
Yes - story events. Game quality seems pretty high so far.
Sean Bean reads poetry in the latest video.
I thought that fit quite nicely!
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