Thought a forum already existed for this one... Assuming not, anyone else excited for this? GamesRadar gad a piece about how it was happy no sequel was made for either Alan Wake or Quantum Break as it would have meant this game would not exist. Have to say, this is sounding like contender for my game of the year!
I had very little interest in it initially, but hearing incredibly positive things consistently has convinced me it must be worth a try.
Ive seen the first few missions and really looks fun to play. Only other game will probably buy this month is Man from Medan so definite day one for me.
Looking forward to Control myself, just need to decide on a platform.
Final trailer just launched - looks equal parts fun to play, and bat-$hit insane. Roll on next week!
Just finished this. Erm, as mentioned above, it is totes insane. I have three or four achievements remaining but without any differing difficulties, not sure theres a huge amount of replay value. The difficulty definitely does jump in places which sometimes feels unfair, but nothing THAT hard although think I have one boss left judging by a remaining secret achievement.
Hopefully some DLC will be incoming soon...

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