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Team Talk
We pick our highlights from the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream.
We've been discussing the pros and cons of the next-gen Xbox(s?).
Our thoughts on whether we'll be PlayStation 5 pre-ordering.
Yeah, I can't be arsed to go through the hassle with pre-ordering at the moment. I can wait until God of War 2 is out and hopefully they'll have plenty of stock by then. Plus it's only really Spider-man I'm interested in at launch.

Same with the Xbox too. I'll probably try and get a pre-order in, but if not, I can wait.
I’ll most likely try to get an Xbox next week but, in all honesty, not too bothered if don’t get one until 2021.
Our thoughts on the Xbox-Bethesda deal:
This week is all about Peter Parker and his fancy new look in Spider-Man: Remastered.
Our thoughts on the Quest 2.

If they got rid of all the facebook account nonsense I would probably be getting one of these.
I agree about the facebook account stuff. I don't like to link many of my accounts together, especially not social media types. That being said, I am not really looking to get into VR gaming at the moment so this doesn't change much.
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