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Xbox Series X|S
The new consoles could use their own thread, rather than piggybacking on the Xbox One X discussion.

Anybody got their next-gen Xbox yet? If so, which did you opt for?

My Series X was due to be delivered yesterday but didn’t show. Got in touch with Amazon this morning and it’s close by in Liverpool, but apparently delivery could be anytime between now and 10pm on Friday. Got a £5 voucher as an apology, which is something I guess.
Got my console (Xbox Series X), yesterday, luckily 6 hours before the delivery slot at 9:30am. Unlike the original the Xbox One, which came at the late hours off the afternoon.

Not installed any games other than Elite: Dangerous on the internal SSD due to pure laziness yet. Loading times are improved and the game is over all smoother.

Did buy a couple of games to go with the console, but they've yet to turn up. Although I just started AC: Odyssey on Friday so I'm not too bothered.
It turned up around 7pm tonight, but not before Amazon sent a £10 voucher as another apology! I’ll take £15 for a relatively minor inconvenience. If it happens again with the PS5 next week, I’ll almost be able to buy half of a next-gen game. Tongue

So far played Bright Memory (safe to skip, but it’s a next-gen exclusive for under £7 and a quick completion) and Gears Tactics. The in-engine cutscenes for Gears are gorgeous, as is the gameplay when the camera gets in on the action. Most of the time it’s hard to really appreciate the visuals from a zoomed-out perspective, though.
Received my X on Tuesday, without any dramas. Played XIII (terrible, BTW!) and a bit of Valhalla (which is shaping up to be another time-sink like Odyssey was). Unfortunately am at my sisters for lock-down so playing with 1080 rather than 4k, but am quite sure the loading screens would be much longer on the One, so already it is totally worth the money!

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