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Xbox Series X|S
Hell Let Loose is ”free” via PS+ on PS5, so kind of a hard sell on Xbox now.
It's a pretty easy sell if an Xbox is all you have Tongue

Besides, i'm happy to give money to a WW2 game that actually cares about it's subject matter, unlike the hideously unhistorical woke looking new CoD
Xbox have made a very definitely final dump of backwards compatible games. Highlights include the entire Dead or Alive series, the Max Payne Trilogy, the original Nier, Binary Domain, Otogi 1 and 2, some Star Wars titles, Skate 2, and probably the greatest game of all time Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. They say this is the last time they'll be doing this due to legal and technical constraints, but it's certainly been a better effort than Sony who only ported over a handful of PS2 games, all of which had to be bought again and their PS3 titles only available through the Now cloud gaming service.
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Every time Rei smiles God kills a kitten.

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