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Mass Effect
Picked up Andromeda in the Black Friday sale (£14). Was originally put off by the negative reviews but so far I'm quite liking it - asides from the technical issues (which are fairly common).
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I enjoyed it, but it didn't grip me enough for a new game + playthrough like the others.
[Image: MQE3xPD.png]
Mass Effect Legendary Edition coming to PC and consoles this May.

Trailer looks good.
Played them all countless times already - and very happy to do so once again!
I’ve played the original several times, Mass Effect 2 just the once, then skipped ME3 altogether. Will probably pick the collection up and give the trilogy a proper playthrough.
Massive Mass Effect fan, but I'm not sure I'll grab the legendary edition. I've played them so many times, I've lost count and I'm not sure I can do that all over again.

A Switch port would be seriously tempting though. I'd love a portable Mass Effect.

Edit: Apparently it will not include the Pinnacle Station DLC from ME1. Bit of a bummer really, I enjoyed doing that DLC.

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