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Technology: What should I buy? & Top tips
Which Turtle Beach headsets have euro been looking at?
Kingston hyperX cloud 2 is a decent headset, a little over budget but it goes on sale all the time to about £40
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(03-22-2017, 06:00 PM)Timmeh555 Wrote: Kingston hyperX cloud 2 is a decent headset, a little over budget but it goes on sale all the time to about £40

I've had a HyperX Cloud since I got my controller with the 3.5mm jack in 2015 and it's fantastic. Not too heavy to wear for hours, the speakers are well balanced (no overly bass-heavy iBeats nonsense) and the microphone is great (adjustable and detachable). It also works on PS4 and PC if you game there too. Mine was £55 and I don't regret it.
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Mrk, I got the Shure SE425 (£200 at Richer Sounds) and they look the bees knees but they're for my wife's birthday present in a couple of weeks time, so I'll not have feedback until then.
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Hey Crippy. Cool. After a few pairs of Shure I couldnt go back to the free ones. Better quality with two cans on a piece of string!
Grabbed the SE-846s myself. Worth it? Possibly not. By far best quality have had though so regret nothing and recommend hem thoroughly.
(03-22-2017, 04:27 PM)Plasma wing Wrote: Which Turtle Beach headsets have euro been looking at?

Recon 50X, XO Seven Pro and Ear Force XO Four Stealth ( Le Amazon link )

I'm not any kinda expert on headsets, and tend to run away with myself with gadgets. Basically looking for pretty decent sound, as well as well contained sound (our walls may as well be cardboard, lel). Also, comfort, because I'd be using it a lot. So wondered what y'all swear by.

I suppose a good mic would be good too, depending whether I ever get my arse in gear for online play. Tongue
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I've got some Recon 50X.

I went with them as it's my first gaming headset and I didn't want to go all out. They are pretty good, but I find them a little uncomfortable to wear after a while and during quiet moments in games I can hear a faint whistling sound, but this may be because I've dropped them a few times.

Overall I'm quite happy with them, good for online MP when playing with friends.
I've still never found a pair of over ear headphones that are comfortable for me to wear for long periods. They all sit on the cartilage at the top of my ear and the pain that causes after an hour or so drives me insane.
You need yourself a good pair of old school Sennheisers Sam - they have very large ear pieces that should fit over.

Something like this

The problem I have with headphones is that bar some of the larger ones, like Seinheiser, none of them are designed to fit over hearing aids so I either have to crush my ears or take them off and have pretty much max volume lol (obviously includes earbuds too, hope people on the train like my music).
I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

I currently have and literally never use this wireless Turtle Beach pair, as well as this Razer pair that I sometimes make myself use for a bit.

Would be nice to finally have some over ear headphones that actually serve their purpose by further immersing me, instead of distracting me with ear pain.

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