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Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Here's a review for this. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for something a little different in the multiplayer market.

DVR doesn't work with the game at the moment but I've heard that it's being looked at. A bit annoying as there have been some memorable moments I would have liked to capture, such as the time I charged someone from across the map (screaming my war-cry, naturally) and forgot about the log trap just in front of them, which crushed me to death just feet away from him.
That's a very generous score, I played it on the 360 and it felt somewhat awful, didn't look at all like the PC footage I'd seen. However I haven't played it on the One so can't comment. Sure it is good fun with a full game of players.
Haven't played the game at all myself, but from what I understand the 360 version was dumbed down, whereas the One version is the proper PC version.
I never played the 360 version either so I can't compare, but I can see how this could be a Marmite game for some. It takes some getting used to, but I also enjoy sword and shield type things so that probably helped a bit.
Fantastic review, really put across the game imo!

I pre-ordered this as it isn't a FPS, sports sim or race sim and it is all about the MP - so far I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

I have only played Team Scenario and Horde modes - but these are so much fun I don't feel limited!

I really wish DVR worked on this (hope the fix for it arrives soon) as I have had some epic moments - like the time my teammate set someone on fire and I charged in, screaming 'FOR AGATHA' and lopped off his head in one slice for an achievement, or when I went on a headstrong charge to free the last few slaves and ended up surrounded by 2 knights and 3 vanguards, used up all my stamina with some of the most epic blocking I have ever managed whilst retreating at a hell of a pace and just when I had nothing left and I had accepted death was coming, 3 knights from my team joined from the sides and saved me!! Epic!!

I sort of think of this game as Battlefield set in the 12th or 13th century - swords and shields instead of rifles and machine guns, Archers instead of snipers and Ballista and Onagers instead of tanks and helicopters!
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Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

The DVR seems to be up and running now, I tried to record something tonight to test it out and it worked without any problems.

This game does create a lot of standout moments in matches. I also ended up cornered the other day by about five or six enemies and somehow managed to take out four of them before I went down, it was loads of fun.

Have you tried Duel mode? I've had some great one-on-one battles in it and it doesn't seem to be dominated by Knights anymore. The smaller maps are really well designed too.
I havnt, not yet! Is that the 1 v 1 mode?

Its Team Scenario all the way atm, I load it up intending to go on TD or FFA and end up on Scenario! Not played Horde in days either!

I had some issues with the DLC for it, even though I have the bells and whistles edition it wouldn't recognise I had installed the Dreadnought Inquisitor and Barbarian Packs. Then for some reason last night they appeared in my menu options, working fine.

Same with customisation - from the main screen it seems only aesthetic changes are saved, not weapon or shield load-outs. To save weapon sets you have to use the customisation screen in match!
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Yep, it's the 1 vs 1 mode. I had a duel match recently where someone chose to be an archer which is absolute madness, the round didn't last long!
Seeing as it's by the same developer I'll post the news about the new game trailer for Mirage: Arcane Warfare here. I'm interested to see more when the reveal trailer comes out next week. Hopefully there will be news of console versions at some point too.
Sign-ups for next month's Chivalry 2 closed alpha are now open. It's all under NDAs, but it would still be good to give it a go.

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