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Tannenberg is making its console debut later this month.
Isonzo is the latest WW1 multiplayer title from the makers of Verdun and Tannenberg.
Under-represented front of the war getting sone attention - although given it still looks very much like the previous two games I almost wonder if they would have been better off making them like a service game with new maps added, to keep MM up.
They've now got cross-play between Xbox and PlayStation which helps with numbers. There's not a huge amount playing but now there's usually enough for one full server, sometimes even during the day, which is better than it was before, although Tannenberg seems to have a much smaller playerbase than Verdun. 

I think full cross-play with PC and consoles would be the only thing that could really help boost player count, but merging them all into one shared game would make things easier.

They're usually discounted on launch and not hugely expensive, which also helps.

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