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Sea of Thieves
Plans to introduce a 'death tax' have been scrapped.
This is a very good thing. It already takes several hours to gather enough money to buy a coat.
GTA V Online's first month proved charging people large amounts for dying is a silly thing to do, why would any company try and redo it lol.
Forsaken Shores has been delayed by a week, will now release next Thursday.
Only a few years late but finally tried this out with Jam last night - it's very pretty and graphically nice (even on an old xbox) and it seems very easy to pickup and play and have some fun - however our entire haul from several hours of gaming was selling one gem we found on an island next to the outpost - every other thing we earned or discovered that night was stolen by other players chasing us down in more powerful ships and casually killing us.
I know the game has Thieves in the title but this is just stupid.
It's annoying when experienced players start harassing your ship. I've been playing with Jam and Rob and we've been quite lucky but another crew I play with seem to get targeted a lot. 

I get that it's part of the game and a lot of the time battling other ships is fun but when they're following you for 20-30 minutes when you're clearly not up for a fight it's a bit annoying, especially when they do eventually catch up to you and they end up camping the respawn point and repeatedly killing you, even after all the loot is gone. I have also encountered a few helpful types though who want to form alliances/share loot which is nice.

I don't think PvE-only servers is the way to go, which I've seen some players asking for, as the element of danger is what makes the game exciting, but I think a few tweaks could help improve things. Maybe having one or two outposts (not all of them) where you can't damage other people or their ships (we we're sunk the other day before we'd even set sail) would be good. 

The only other thing I cant think of is a Fallout 76-style passive mode system where combat only begins when the player being fired upon fires back - could tie it to a special flag or something.

Either way, I've been really enjoying the game recently. Feels like there's a lot more to do nowadays which helps keep things interesting. 

I had a good session the other day where our ship was ambushed by two AI Skeleton Galleons, which we tried to lead towards a nearby player ship for help/distraction but they ended up sinking us and one of the Galleons. 

One crew member spawned at the new ship (which was miles away) while the rest of us guarded the floating loot (from the sunken Skeleton ship) and we had to use the cloud formations to navigate the new ship back to us and escape with the treasure while the enemy ship was tied up with the Skeleton Galleon. Great fun.

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